Rules and Punishments
To keep Immoral Attack enjoyable for everyone please observe and follow these rules. We will not tolerate disruptive players, and if you break the rules your account is likely to be banned. Players who are banned for breaking our rules are not entitled to any sort of refund.

Rules are to be followed at all times, whether there are 20 people online or you are the only person online and no staff present.

1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense

GM or Mod Impersonation

-Members of staff include [GM](Game Master/Admin) and [MOD]
-You should not attempt to impersonate Immoral Attack staff in any way.

Character Ban    

Player Impersonation

-You should not attempt to impersonate other players.

Character Ban    

Real World Item Trading

--Immoral Attack items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game.
--Exchanging Immoral Attack items for items or other benefits in other online games, real-life money or other real-life benefits is not allowed.

Jail Character Ban  

Cross Game Trade

--You may not trade items/currency from IA for items within another game.

Character Mute Character Jail Character Ban

Holding Lotto*

-You may not hold lottos, this includes trivia and anything with a prize at the end.

Character Mute Character Jail Character Ban

Begging or Asking for items/currency

-You may not beg any player or GM/MOD for items or currency.
-Asking for donations and charity is also a form of begging and not allowed.

-Asking and or begging for more votes at apexwebgaming to ensure more drops.

Warning Character Mute Character Jail

Chat Racissim and Excessive Caps

--You must not use an excessive amount of capital letters in chat or forum. (Example would be Multiple lines of Chat not just a few words or even one accidental line)
--Racissim is NOT allowed period.

Mute Jail


-You must not scam or deceive any players in the game.
-This includes items, currency, account information and others not listed.
-Any attempt to scam or deceive a player, whether it be for account details or in game currencies, will not be tolerated.

-PayPal reversals or disputes are considered scams if you have in fact received your purchase.

Character Ban    

Inappropriate Username

-You must not sign up with an inappropriate username when creating an account.
-Saying that you did not know it was inappropriate is not an excuse.

Character Ban    


-You may not advertise other games or websites in the game or forums.
-You may not post inappropriate links of any kind, gaming or otherwise, in the chat, pm's or forums.
-PMing referral links of other games for people to click so you can earn a reward is advertising.

Character Mute Character Jail Character Ban


-You may not spam on the chat or forums.
-Spamming is when you repeatedly post a message over and over again or in a row.

Character Mute Character Jail Character Ban

Player Disrespect

-You may not disrespect other players.
-Disrespecting a player in PM is also not allowed.
-Every player is equal and should be treated as such.

#If a moderator or GM has told you to stop your actions because you are creating a scene with your disrespectfulness of other players you should do so, this constitutes your warning.

Character Warn Character Mute Character Jail

Staff Disrespect

-You may not disrespect staff.
-Staff is there to make sure rules are enforced.
-Being angry over a punishment is no reason to act disrespectful to staff.
You break a rule, you receive punishment.
-If you feel a staff member treated you unfairly, please contact Mystic, Sevion, or Brianbak to discuss it.

Warn Mute Jail

Arguing with Staff

-Staff members are here to help enforce the rules and keep the game enjoyable for all players.
Their job is to enforce rules.
-Arguing with a staff member about a punishment will not help your cause.
-Signing onto an alt to continue discussing the issue is forbidden.

Warning Mute Jail/Ban

Having more than 1 Kingdom

-Users are allowed only 1 kingdom charter accross all accounts. If you would like to change which character your charter is on please contact a GM.
-Punishment for this can include jail/banning and or removal of charter and prevention of purchasing a new charter and is left to the discretion of staff.
-The ruling is final.

Jail Ban  

You may not attack your own kingdoms

-You are forbidden to attack your own accounts/alts

Jail Character Ban  

Bug Abuse

-You shall not abuse bugs and exploits.
-You shall not attempt to speed up game play this is considered a abuse of the system (This includes using 3rd Party Software, Browser Buttons, "Button Smashing", Etc ANYTHING not part of the game itself)
-If a bug/exploit is noticed, please message a staff member immediately.

Character Ban    

Avoiding a Mute/Jail

-You may not log on to an alt just to continue a conversation you were muted for.

30 Day Jail Character Ban  

Account Sharing

-Each account should only be used by ONE person. Account sharing is NOT allowed.
-You may not sell, transfer or lend your account to anyone else, or permit anyone else to use your account, and you may not accept an account that anybody else offers you.

Character Jail Character Ban  

Use of a 3rd Party Program (ie Bot)

-Use of illegal automated programs, Scripts, and Computers. The use of any illegal automated program (Ex. 3rd party bot) or system, devices, hot keys, computers, or scripts and/or transmition of Illegal Software and or Fraud/Scam on Immoral Attack is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal liability under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Section 1030 of the United States Code . Violators will be prosecuted to the full extend of applicable law and may also liable for the punitive damage. Immoral Attack may terminate and permanently disqualify any users who, in its sole discretion, determines as being in violation of these Terms of Service. All decisions by Immoral Attack staff are final.

Character Ban    
Transmission of Pornographic Images Character Ban    

Any attempt to Hack the Immoral Attack website and/or server or gain access to another account that is not yours.

-Asking for another players password for any reason will not be tolerated.

Legal Action    
Transmission of Illegal Software Legal Action    

Personal Details

-For our players' privacy and safety, you must not ask for personal contact details such as full name, telephone number or your home/school address.
-You also must not post anyones personal contact details (including your own) on our in-game chat or forums.
-Immoral Attack discourages its users from sharing their personal information, however, if you choose to share messenger names and email addresses, do so in PM.

Warning Jail Ban

Encouraging Others to Break Rules

-You must not encourage others to break any of the Immoral Attack rules.

Warning Ban  


-As with anything, rules cannot be written for every occasion. Due to this, anyone flaunting loopholes in the rules to bypass them will be jailed and possibly banned, after staff discussion of the matter.

Do not presume to be staff
-If you do not have GM or MOD next to your name, you are not staff.
-Being staff on another game, does not mean you are staff here.
-You are not above the rules or better than rules, because you were previously staff here or staff elsewhere.
Character Ban

Offense levels are just examples and may be skipped or modified on any of these activities.

~4 Offenses or more may result in the ban of your account.

Any action taken on 1 account involved can and will be taken on ALL other accounts owned by the same persons.

This is only a small guideline of rules and are not in their entirety. Users must also follow and adhear to the Terms of Service at all times. Any violation of these rules listed here or any listed within the Terms of Service will result in an action against your account.
Not knowing the rule is not an excuse.


Rules updated September 20, 2007
Details updated June 2, 2014 (The white "bulletin" example points)